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Wireless Monitoring & Control

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Energy Monitor

Control | Reports

  • Real-time energy usage and temperature data
  • Receive alerts when preset values are breached
  • Monitoring forms the corner-stone of effective energy management
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Mobile Monitoring
  • Access your portal from anywhere, any time
  • Multi-platform support
  • Switch and schedule devices remotely
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Mobile Control
  • Add schedules to lighting and other non-essential loads
  • Receive email alerts when schedules run successfully
  • Set an off-timer for a device or circuit
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Mobile Scheduling
  • Shut off low priority equipment in phases before demand peak is reached
  • High priority devices may be shut down as a last resort
  • Reduce high energy bills
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Priority Switching
  • Set geyser temperatures and schedules remotely
  • Controller is easy to retro-fit thanks to wireless technology
  • Monitor and manage in real time
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Mobile Geyser Control
  • Switch open area lights off when daylight is enough
  • Save energy and reduce bulb usage
  • Natural light creates happier employees
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Daylight Harvesting