Energy monitoring

An effective monitoring plan is the cornerstone of building an effective management solution.

Hardware Overview

We've highlighted the basics you'll need to get started with an energy audit. All items rented or purchased from Ecowatt can later be integrated to form part of your Energy Management Solution.

Cloud Hub

The Cloud Hub connects you to your dashboard.

Current Monitors

Monitor loads currents to enable effective energy management.

Switches & Dimmers

Switch & Dim a multitude of appliances via your Cloud Hub.


Light, temperature & humidity sensors aid switching and alerting.

Monitoring & Management Dashboard

    Our cloud-based dashboard means you're never disconnected from your energy profile.

    Your customisable dashboard is simple and gives an immediate overview of your equipment and their status.

    Easily configure, add, modify, schedule & control devices, view usage and set alerts. Set up your dashboard to suit your needs, making effective energy management simple.

    Access your dashboard from anywhere using your computer, laptop or smart device.

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