Priority Switching

Automatically shed loads when high energy demands occur, and restore power to these sections when usage stabilises.

How it works

  • Controlled equipment will be shut off in phases according to kW reached to prevent high demand charges
  • Devices are switched in stages according to their priority
  • In effect high priority devices may be switched off as a last resort, and will be switched back on first when power usage stabilises
  • If you hit your peak once during the day, you'll be billed that same peak for the rest of the day
  • We'll help you stagger loads to prevent hitting the peak

What you need

Any switching device supplied by Ecowatt can be scheduled using the Dashboard.

Cloud Hub

The Cloud Hub connects you to your dashboard.

Current Monitors

Monitor loads currents to enable effective energy management.

Switches & Dimmers

Switch & Dim a multitude of appliances via your Cloud Hub.