Geyser Control

Hot water is one of the biggest energy consumers. Our geyser controller puts you back in charge.

Cloud-Hub Geyser Control

  • The geyser controller is installed at your geyser and allows you to set and monitor temperatures,remotely as well as set up schedules
  • No more forgetting to switch your geyser on or off, save electricity with intelligent temperature-based geyser control
  • Wireless technology makes the geyser controller easy to retro-fit into your existing building
  • See geyser temperature in real time and monitor how much electricity your geyser is consuming

Geyser Sense

  • Using a wireless door sensor on the main entrance door of each guest unit or room, we are able to to switch the geyser of this room on or off.
  • Once the door has been opened, the geyser is then switched on for a preset legnth of time. The geyser will heat water according to the existing thermostat settings.

What you need

The following components form the basis of Daylight Harvesting.

Cloud Hub

The Cloud Hub connects you to your dashboard.


Light, temperature & humidity sensors aid switching and alerting.